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"How To"

How to Use This Site

  • Search Bar

    • On every page in the upper right corner.

    • Enter any WORD into the search box and it will bring up everything on the site that contains that word.
    • This is the fastest way to locate information.
    • You may find something you didn't know was on the site.
  • Menu Bar

    • A Horizontal option bar located at the top of the website on every page.

    • Contains "Categories" on what information is available on the site.

    • There are more categories that will show up when you scroll over some of these.

      • HOME for example has "JOIN" and "Contact Us" when you scroll over it.

      • You can click on any of the main categories showing in the bar. 

  • Categories

    • HOME (also another box called "MAIN PAGE")  - This will return you to the main page. This page has all the categories in the Menu Bar at the top or the ICONS in the lower part. They take you to the same locations in the site.

    • JOIN - The page where new members can join and also make donations or financial transactions.

    • CONTACT US - A page to send a message to the board. This can be feedback, suggestions, or whatever you want to communicate. This is how you get a hold of us.

    • ABOUT US - The page to read about our club, our board members, ect.

    • SHARED GALLERY - A page that you can share a picture or short video and also share a story about the pic and have chat and comments with members.

    • MEMBERS - Page for members only to get to meet fellow members.

    • EVENTS - Page of all the current events planned.

    • BIG FISH CONTEST - This page is dedicated to the Annual Contest, form submitting, ect.

    • FORUM - This page is a members only page for accessing Vendor Discount codes, forums for anything fishing related and is a safe and secure place for members to have conversations, search for resources, ect.

    • EDUCATION - This page is the RESOURCE CENTER and go to place for searching and learning about anything fishing. Regulations, lessons, videos, files, you name it!

    • COMMUNITY - This page is dedicated to members who wish to volunteer with a few organizations that teach kids how to fish. Contains events schedules too.

    • APPS WE USE - This page has LOTS of great LINKS to fantastic fishing resources. is one of the most useful along with weather forecast apps.

    • VENDORS - This page give you an in depth intro to our VENDORS.

    • YOUTUBE FAVS 1 & 2 - Theses two pages have all the most popular Youtube Fishermen and Fisherwomen. These are all of the most recent videos for all of them in one spot!

  • Header

    • SOCIAL MEDIA - At the Top of each page you will find Facebook, Youtube and Instagram icons. These are LINKS to our club's social media sites. Click on them and check them out. You don't need to have an account to post pics and share stories on our FB and IG sites.

    • MEMBER LOGIN - This is members log in to be able to access Member Only parts of the website. Join and then request online member access approval.

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