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Board of Directors

Jessica Choi - President

(Santa Cruz, CA)

​Welcome to our club! I help deckhand on the New Captain Pete out of Pillar Point, CA, and am a rockfish researcher on the Groundfish team at NOAA+UC Santa Cruz. 

What is your favorite species to seek and what has been the most notable experience while being out on the water?

  •  My favorite species to seek offshore are China and Vermilion rockfishes. China’s are such beautiful creatures! In their scientific name - Sebastes nebulosus, ‘nebulosus’ means cloudy/misty. With their white speckling, they sure do look it. Out on the water, one of my favorite moments has been seeing Tufted puffins out along the Farallon Islands. I have been lucky enough to be aboard bird-watching trips to see neat species such as a Black-footed Albatross and a Northern Gannet. I will be decking during weekends of salmon season (Pillar Point), so be sure to come out on a New Captain Pete trip!

If you could fish anywhere in the world next, where would it be?

  • The next spot on my fishing radar would be spearfishing in Kona, HI, or an albacore trip out of Newport, OR. 

What do you hope to see from our club in the next year along with the duties/responsibilities/goals you are striving toward?

  • From this next year, I would like to see our club membership grow. We aren’t your average fishing club. We strive to build community,  we provide easy-to-access resources, and we hope you look forward to coming to one of our guest talks, charter trips, or volunteer days! We aim to foster and create lasting friendships and memories through all club gatherings. 


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” -Jacques Yves Cousteau

Frankie Apodaca - Website Director

(Fort Bragg, CA)


Greetings from the cozy nook of Fort Bragg, CA! I'm just your average small-town guy with an extraordinary love for fishing and mushroom hunting. Living each day like it's a grand adventure is my style - probably got a case of the good old FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! When it's time for my final cast, I want to look back and say, "Yep, I gave it all I got, no fish left uncaught."

And when I'm not helping our fabulous club make waves online, you'll find me running a nifty YouTube channel called 'Lost Coast Living'. It's all about showcasing life's daily miracles along our scenic Lost Coast.


 if you're wondering about my favorite fish to chase, it's a tough call between the feisty lingcod and the vibrant Vermillion. But if push comes to shove, I'd pick the lingcod. Why? Well, the thrill of battling one from my trusty kayak is second to none! It's like an aquatic version of David vs Goliath, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


If I could pack my gear and fish anywhere in the world next, it'd be Australia's teeming waters. The biodiversity there is downright mind-boggling! I mean, one moment you're reeling in a snapper, and the next, you could be tussling with a marlin - talk about a thrill!


As for what I'd like to see from our club in the coming year, well, it's all about reaching out and growing together. Our education department is blossoming splendidly, and I'd love for us to reel in more members from all corners of the globe. My dream is for everyone, even those connecting remotely, to be an active part of our club's journey. And trust me, I'm working my fins off to make that happen! So, here's to a future teeming with shared fishing tales, laughter, and learning! Let's reel in the good times, folks!

"Fishing allows us to recapture some measure of our innocence and wonder, our fascination with the world around us, our faith in serendipity." – Nick Lyons


Nicolas Megevand - Contest Director
(Seattle, WA)

Is it Fish-Taco time yet?! I consider myself primarily a Saltwater angler, since 2004 I've been chasing all kinds of delicious species our local waters have to offer. I am always interested in teaching you what I have learned so far and I really want to learn more from your experiences as well!


What is your favorite species to seek?

  • I LOVE Rockfishing, Lingcods, Crabbing for "Dungees", Salmon, Halibut, chasing Tuna tail tales, and the occasional Lake trout. San Diego, LA, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and SF are the areas I have put in the most time on the water. 

if you could fish anywhere in the world next, where would it be?

  • My dream location to fish is anywhere with a good bite and friends. I'm that guy on the boat cheering you on once you put that reel in gear! I have a small but very fishy-skiff (Livingston 14) I take out anywhere but I also happily jump on sportfishing boats throughout the year with our awesome club members. I am a "tackle-gear-junkie" and love chatting about the next big thing that makes our time on the water more productive. 

What do you hope to see from our club in the next year along with the duties/responsibilities/goals you are striving toward?

  • I hope to see our club grow educationally for everyone, in the same way it has greatly helped me over the years. As the Big Fish and Contest Director, nothing gets me more excited than seeing the trophies our members pull up.

Tight Lines & Bloody Decks,


Jason Berg - Board member
(Santa Cruz, CA)


What is your favorite species to seek?

  • Salmon from the Pacific Northwest (Puget Sound) Currently Deep Water Rock Cod (Chilipeppers, World Class Eats). 

If you could fish anywhere in the world next, where would it be?

  • California, San Diego. Long Range Bluefin off the Cortez Bank or Isla Coronado, Mexico.  Multi Day (3 day).

What do you hope to see from our club in the next year along with the duties/responsibilities/goals you are striving toward?

  • I look forward to meeting with other club members and pairing up members with w/members. Many of you lead remarkable lives and wouldn’t it be great to share to joy you have found with other brothers and sisters young and old, creating and giving away unforgettable experiences to grow old with. Whether it’s hiking into a Fresh Water Fishing Hole or Boating the Beautiful Monterey Bay. A possibility I would like to explore would be something like "Fish Booker” or “BookeO” apps. Creating a calendar/connector of Boat Owning Members w/members that do not. With over 100 members and growing the possibilities are endless 

Richard Kong - Board member
(San Jose, CA)


What is your favorite species to seek?

  • I've been fishing for a long time. I enjoy catching all types of fish, so I can't really say that I have a favorite fish to catch. I enjoy simple to extravagant fishing trips, and I do know that I really enjoy seeking out new species and learning new techniques.

When did fishing become an obsession for you?

  • I would say that fishing became an obsession to me when I was in third grade. I remember that I could not fall asleep when I knew that I had a fishing trip the next day. When my parents would go shopping, I would always go to the fishing tackle section and most kids would go to the toy section. I guess my idea of toys were different, but I still like my toys now! 

If you could fish anywhere in the world next, where would it be?

  • If I could fish anywhere in the world next, It would be Nomotu Island, Fiji. There is a great abundance of fish near shore and offshore there. Don't look it up because I might talk you into going with me one day. LOL

What do you hope to see from our club in the next year along with the duties/responsibilities/goals you are striving toward?

  • I hope to see the club build more community through the sport of fishing in the next year. My goals are to have more club meetings that would be helpful to our members. In these meetings, we could go over fishing techniques, gear, basic reel maintenance, replacing a rod guide or tip, etc. Heck, we could even do a build-your-own fishing rod class if enough people are interested. Also, I would like to have more budget-friendly club fishing events. 

Siraj Syed - Treasurer

Come back soon to meet Siraj!

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