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Exciting Updates on Salmon Habitat Restoration and Its Impact on BASC

Hello, Bay Area Sportfishers Club (BASC) Members,

I'm thrilled to bring your attention to an exciting piece of news that significantly impacts our fishing community. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has recently announced a significant investment in improving salmon habitats and supporting the biodiversity of our beloved California.

CDFW is investing a whopping $20.4 million into 15 projects, each designed to enhance salmon habitats and bolster climate resilience. These projects are in addition to initiatives that support wildlife corridors and wetland restoration. This brings the total grant funding for 2023 to an impressive $80 million, under the Drought, Climate, and Nature-Based Solutions Initiatives.

This initiative is especially crucial for us at BASC, as it aligns perfectly with our mission to protect and preserve our local fish species, with special regard for our salmon population. As avid fishers, we understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem for the sustainability of our sport, and we are thrilled to see the State taking such a substantial step in the right direction.

CDFW Director Charlton H. Bonham stated, "Saving salmon and rebuilding their populations for Californians is the goal and we are meeting these challenges head on." As part of this initiative, CDFW is streamlining the application process for new projects, making it easier to get restoration work underway. This is excellent news for our members who may have ideas or projects they wish to propose. More details about these opportunities can be found on the CDFW's website.

These funds will support projects throughout California, focusing on removing barriers to fish passage, restoring flows, and providing critical habitats for juvenile salmonids.

The CDFW has been making tremendous strides with their "Cutting the Green Tape Program," streamlining the grant process and facilitating the environmental review of restoration projects. The speed and scale of this grant funding has been impressive, especially considering the collaborative efforts of other agencies like the Wildlife Conservation Board.

As BASC members, we should be heartened by these developments, as they demonstrate a commitment to conserving our beautiful state's biodiversity. Not only do these efforts support our favorite pastime, but they also align with broader goals like California’s 30x30 initiative, which aims to conserve 30 percent of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030.

Thank you for your commitment to the Bay Area Sportfishers Club and to the preservation of our California ecosystems. We will continue to keep you updated on these developments, and we encourage everyone to remain engaged in our club's efforts to support these statewide initiatives.

Tight Lines,

Frankie - BASC Web Director.

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